Welcome to Ruen Thai Spa Milton Keynes

Welcome to Ruen Thai Spa, in lively Central Milton Keynes – the place to go for all your luxury massage treatments, with the exotic flavour of Thailand.

We opened on Monday 20 May 2019, in South Fifth Street. Just a five-minute walk from the shopping area of Centre: MK, across from the bars, restaurants and hotels at the Hub – and if you work near Central Milton Keynes, then we’re close to you too!

We’re located on the first floor of Fortuna House, and have four separate rooms dedicated to making any visit memorable. You can choose from a wide range of treatments, including authentic Thai, deep tissue and reflexology massage therapies.

If you want to combine any of these, we will have flexible, tailored packages allowing for a number of treatments all in the same visit.

Our staff are qualified in all the services we provide, with years of experience both here and in Thailand.

If you’re in the area and happen to be in South Fifth Street, look out for the Ruen Thai Spa sign outside Fortuna House.

Or please give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss any of our services, or just chat about the future.

Look forward to seeing you!

Your new Thai Spa in Milton Keynes

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